torsdag 15 mars 2018

Issues publishing from Ribbon Workbench

We ran into issues publishing from Ribbon Workbench a couple of weeks ago and I just recently had time to check this out. My colleague reported this to me and I thought at first it had something to do with his account.

That wasn't the case. The reason why I thought that it was the account is that there were other issues as well. Now I don't have the exact error message since I don't want to revoke what I did but in general terms it said that you're not allowed to publish solutions, make sure you're a system administrator and that you have rights in the catalogue customizationimport.
The culprit folder

This was an on premise CRM 2016 with update 1 and I must have installed at least 10 of these. I've used Ribbon workbench on multiple installations since I first saw the application, probably in CRM 2011 and I have never seen this problem before. I really can't say what has happened and it doesn't appear in the customer's production server to the best of my knowledge.

The solution was to allow the account running Asynch Service to the customizationimport folder, which is located in your CRM server catalogue, as seen above at c:\program files\microsoft dynamics crm\customizationimport.

Again, first time I've seen this and I'm just amazed that the "this is the first time" just never seem to end :)

Rickard Norström
Developer at CRM-Konsulterna 

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